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Eczema Oil

Eczema Oil

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A unique blend of quality and deeply penetrating oils to nourish, protect and moisturize.  What makes Eczema Oil so effective is the unique  ability to penetrate the inner layers of the skin to allow the skin to heal from the deep layers to relieve and prevent further irritation of the skin. Emu and Kukui Nut Oil provide Omega fatty acids to help skin retain moisture, and with consistent use, is the most effective and natural treatment known.


  • Comes in a convenient roll-on applicator that makes it easy to use and carry wherever you go.
  • Safe for all ages, even newborns.
  • Also helps with psoriasis and other forms of dermatitis.
  • Relieves itchiness; noticeable, visible results possible with consistent daily use.
  • Safe for use around eyes.


  • Shake Well. Apply daily, with a minimum of 3 times per day until the skin begins to look normal.
  • Then continue to use as daily, as needed.


  • Quality Ingredients: Kukui Nut Oil, Premium Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil (natural vit. E)
  • Emu and Kukui Nut Oil have been used for centuries for their ability to soothe eczema and other skin related ailments.
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