The Power of Witch Hazel and the many uses

Many have heard of witch hazel, but I am consistently asked, for what is it used? In short, it is a multipurpose product, from skin care to first aid.  Many witch hazels are actually full of fillers and other ingredients.   Witch hazel was originally discovered by the Native Americans when they would collect the bark and leaves and boil them down.  Over time it became widely used, and is a common ingredient in many different products.   Homestead's witch hazel is pure, no additives and is preserved with a food grade preservative, Benzoic acid.  If you look at the ingredients on many witch hazels you will find ingredients such as: parabens, alcohol, and sometimes, organic alcohol.   All of the preservatives are synthetically derived and there must be a preservative added as witch hazel in itself is a water and is capable of growing bacteria and pathogens.  If you want to use it as a skin toner, going with alcohol free will be more gentle and less drying.  Parabens have long been linked to cancer and should be avoided in all health and beauty products.  


So, what are some common uses for witch hazel? 


The most widely known use is as a skin toner/astringent.  The anti-inflammatory properties help tighten skin and pores. Surprisingly to many it also has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Having a bottle of pure Homestead Witch Hazel can go a long way, reducing the amount of products you may need to buy.  


 Common uses for skin: 

  • cooling and soothing
  • reduce inflammation, swelling and redness.
  • acne
  • makeup removal
  • after shave
  • reduce eye puffiness and under eye bags
  • reduce oily skin
  • post wax to calm
  • reduce scars and stretch marks
  • post hair dye removal from skin 
  • dandruff
  • rub into scalp between washes to remove excess oil
  • help heal bruises
  • poison ivy/oak
  • psoriasis
  • eczema
  • allergic reactions
  • ward off and quickly heal cold sores
Other multipurpose/first aid uses:
  • shrink hemorrhoids
  • mouth rinse for sore gums (swish and spit)
  • sunburn
  • bug bites
  • chicken pox blisters
  • prevent swimmers ear
  • antiperspirant
  • disinfect skin post tick removal
  • clean pet ears
  • many more...

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