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Welcome to my updated blog and website, I want to reintroduce myself again as I have not been able to post often over the last few years.  After realizing that I needed to be able to understand health and toxicology more I decided becoming a pharmacist was the most beneficial path.  Understanding how medicine and treatments are used is the first step in being able to find alternatives.  I have always been averse to jumping to a medication as a quick treatment, but this is the most commonly used therapy in our society.   I wanted to have the understanding to know the time and place for this avenue.  There are appropriate times and situations for western medicine but, there are many common chronic conditions that could be minimized and even reversed by a change in lifestyle, diet, herbal remedies and even biohacking methods. 

With this new journey I welcome you all to come along as I share what I have come to know.  My passion is plants, herbs, flowers, and just growing and making herbal tinctures, natural therapies and methods for healing without medications.  I will be using this blog to post  information that you yourself can incorporate into your daily lives, from common herbs you can grow and make your own natural remedies to biohacking tips that will help you incorporate habits to improve your overall well being. Add your email to our list so you get updates when I make new posts, it's free and you have no obligation to purchase products to gain this information. If you enjoy the content and know of someone who would also love this information, please share it!   At some point I will be offering consulting for topics I cover if anyone is looking for more one on one guidance and even further down the road online and in-person workshops.  I am so excited to be able to bring this to all of you!  I welcome any and all comments if there are topics you would like to know more about that pertain to any related topics.  Thank you for stopping by and if you are new, welcome!  


Dr. Melanie 

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