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“I am happy to say that your eczema oil has already improved our sons skin condition, after only 2 days! I like the roller because it is convenient to use. I am very impressed with your products. We will definitely order some more." Heather, Monterey, CA
" love this product, it has quickly improved my son`s eczema." Kathleen, Palmdale, CA.

“We are so thrilled with the eczema oil we purchased from you, it has really helped my daughters eczema like no other product we have tried before, thank you so much!” Cheryl, Moss Landing, CA.

 “Your eczema oil cleared up the eczema on my face so quickly, I am very pleased with the products, thank you.” Orlando, Monterey, CA.
Homestead Baby Products
"When my daughter gets diaper rash I used to use a cream, which took forever to heal and usually got worse before it got better, but now that I use the Baby Wipe Companion she has not had any diaper rash at all!" Erin, Brooksville, FL.
" I really love the way it smells, it is light and not overpowering. I am very chemically sensitive but I have no negative reaction when I spray this solution. I find it to be very hypo-allergenic." Rona, Pacific Grove, CA.
 "I like the smell of the Baby Wipe Companion, and after 8 weeks my baby still has not had a diaper rash, and it is also easy to use." Andrea, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
"Since my daughter was born I have been using the Baby Wipe Companion and she has never had diaper rash, it is the only way to get the diaper area fresh" Jenny, Miami, FL.
 “My daughter has had diaper rash for 2 months, I have taken her to the doctor and put her on antibiotics, I have tried every cream out there, and after just 3 days of using your Baby Wipe Companion her rash is clear, thank you for making such a great product.” Katie, Monterey, California
 “I love your diaper rash oil, it worked great for clearing up my son’s diaper rash, and I love the great information on your website it has been very useful and solid information for my family” Kate, Monterey
“Your Baby Wipe Companion has been very helpful in helping my daughters diaper rash, this is a great product” Christine, Seaside, California Homestead Spa Collection
Homestead Spa

“I will be telling many people about your wonderful products, I love the way my skin feels after using the Body Butter Scrub.” Emilie, Monterey, California
“Farming is hard on my skin, but your body oil has been great for making my dry skin on my hands feel normal” Jim, Los Lamas, California
" love your Body Butter, it makes my skin feel so nice, it's my favorite" Jessica, Seaside, CA.
 My legs have been painfully dry and itchy for years, even to the extent of keeping me awake at night. I used a prescription lotion for a long time and no relief. Now that I have tried your peppermint foot lotion and my legs feel relieved and the dry skin is gone." Allyn, TN.