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    The Homestead Company was created in September of 2005. It was originally started as good-neighbor program to share and help other moms like me find the best, natural alternatives to baby products. It was later conceived as an idea for a home-based business as a way of sharing my knowledge in nutrition and health wellness to a more broad network. My dedication to this field of study (Nutrition and Toxicology) began in 2002 when I was learning about how to improve my health, nutrition, baby product selection and conserve resources. I realized that I was doing so much research on diets, nutrition, health and toxicology that I decided to begin a Masters of Science in Nutrition. This opened a new way of thinking as I began to realize how much we don't know about what is in our foods, cleaning supplies, and other every day household items.     

     Since that time, I have been dedicated to this research and I have patiently developed each and every one of my (patented) formulas to target specific skin conditions and nutritional obstacles that most people struggle with all of their lives such as dry skin, rashes, weight problems, allergies, and common illnesses, among other topics. Along with running this company, I have the diligent and sacred duty of raising my 5 children (Mikayla, Nathan, Matthew, Madison & Abigail (our twin girls). They have served as an inspiration to me to ensure only the finest natural products ever reach their bodies. Since my first pregnancy in 2001, I have consistently improved my natural diet and nutritional habits to observe the results of a healthy and well developed nutritional lifestyle in my newborns. I can honestly say that this has been the greatest gift I could ever give to my children. Now, I want to share these discoveries with you. This is the most important reason I started this company; I want to reach other parents and people who share in the belief that there's no substitute for Mother Nature. Every product developed by The Homestead Company is made with a specific purpose in mind and to target a unique skin condition or problem. I take no short cuts, chances or risks when it comes to health and nutrition. Moreover, before these products ever reach any of our customers, I use them for my own family. This is how I know that this is the best I can offer.  

     Our research and development of each product has proven to be a worth while endeavor as we have searched worldwide for the finest quality ingredients to make our unique formulas. We do not sacrifice quality and precision measurements for economies of scale.  You only get one chance to make people trust and believe in your products. We are constantly improving our products based on the feedback of our customers and the discovery of new natural ingredients that may improve our original formulas. We always welcome feedback to ensure we are meeting our customers needs.  Each batch is purposely made in small numbers to ensure precision and quality in every bottle. We do not outsource any of our work and we are dedicated to making each product with the personal touch. All made here in the U.S.A.

     Our satisfaction comes from the knowledge that your family will always be treated as we treat our own. All of our formulas are meticulously prepared to maximize the results of the specific skin condition for which they are made and labeled. We believe in developing a strong relationship with our customers because their health concerns are our concerns. Most of our products began with a question or recommendations from our customers; so rest assure that you will always be taken serious and with respect. 

     Please let us know your questions and concerns and we will do our best to provide you with the most accurate and latest research in that area of concern.